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Welcome to Simple DNS Plus Help

How to get started

How to host a domain name

How to setup primary / secondary

How to secure your server

How to read the log

How to integrate with other applications

How to use the HTTP API

How to use command line options

User Interface

Main window

Main window - Views

Options dialog

Options dialog - General

Options dialog - DNS - Inbound Requests

Options dialog - DNS - Outbound Requests

Options dialog - DNS - Resolver - Recursion

Options dialog - DNS - Resolver - IP Filtering

Options dialog - DNS - Resolver - Caching

Options dialog - DNS - Local Zones - Zone Transfers

Options dialog - DNS - Local Zones - Super Master/Slave

Options dialog - DNS - Local Zones - Secondary Zones

Options dialog - DNS - Local Zones - Suspended Zones

Options dialog - DNS - Local Zones - TSIG Updates

Options dialog - DNS - Local zones - Zone Versions

Options dialog - DNS - Forwarding

DNS Forwarding dialog

Options dialog - DNS - Lame Requests

Options dialog - DNS - Non-existing Domains

Options dialog - DNS - NAT IP alias conversion

Options dialog - DNS - Miscellaneous

Options dialog - HTTP API

Options dialog - Logging - Log Details

Options dialog - Logging - Log Files

Options dialog - Logging - Syslog Server

Options dialog - Logging - Active Log View

Options dialog - Logging - Windows Event Log

Options dialog - Remote Management

IP Address Blocking dialog

Plug-In Instances dialog

Add new plug-in instance dialog

Plug-In Instance dialog

DNS Records window

Bulk Update Wizard

Check Internet Delegations dialog

Default Zone Values dialog

DNSSEC Keys dialog

DNSSEC DS-records dialog

New DNSSEC Key dialog

DNSSEC Sign Zone dialog

Export Wizard

Import Wizard

Reverse zone IP-to-Name Mappings dialog

New Zone Wizard

Quick Zone Wizard

Record Properties dialog

Standard zone file dialog

Zone Properties Dialog

Zone versions dialog

DNS Look Up window

DNS Look Up Window - Look Up Types

DNS Cache Snapshot window

Plug-Ins Overview

Definition - Authoritative

Definition - Caching

Definitions - DNS over TLS (DoT) / DNS over HTTPS (DoH)

Definition - DNSSEC

Definition - Domains vs. Zones

Definition - Dynamic DNS update

Definition - Forwarding

Definition - Hosts File

Definition - Internationalized domain names (IDNs)

Definition - Recursion

Definition - Reverse DNS

Definition - Root DNS Records

Definition - Round Robin

Definition - Suspended Zone

Definition - TSIG

Definition - TTL (Time To Live)

Definition - Zone Transfer

DNS Record types

A-Records (Host address)

AAAA-Records (IPv6 host address)

AFSDB-Records (AFS Data Base location)

ALIAS-Records (Auto Resolved Alias)

CAA-records (Certification Authority Authorization)

CERT-Records (Certificate / CRL)

CNAME-Records (Canonical name for an alias)

DHCID-Records (DHCP Information)

DNAME-Records (Non-Terminal DNS Name Redirection)

DNSKEY-Records (DNSSEC public key)

DS-Records (Delegation Signer)

HINFO-Records (Host information)

HTTPS-Records (HTTPS Service binding and parameter specification)

LOC-Records (Location information)

MX-Records (Mail exchange)

NAPTR-Records (Naming Authority Pointer)

NS-Records (Authoritative name server)

NSEC-Records (Next Secure)

NSEC3-Records (Next Secure v. 3)

NSEC3PARAM-Records (NSEC3 Parameters)

PTR-Records (domain name pointer)

RP-Records (Responsible person)

RRSIG-Records (RRset Signature)

SOA-Records (Start of authority)

SRV-Records (location of service)

TLSA-Records (Transport Layer Security Authentication)

TXT-Records (Descriptive text)

Event IDs / Error Messages

Raw log file format