Configuring Windows to use local DNS server

In the Windows Control Panel, under "Network and Internet", select "View network status and tasks":


Click the "Manage network connections" task:


Right-click your Internet connection's icon and select "Properties":


Select the "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" item, and click the "Properties" button:


Select "Use the following DNS server addresses", and enter the IP address of the local DNS server (*) as the Preferred DNS server:


Finally click the "OK" in this and the previous dialogs to save your changes.

(*) The DNS server IP address must match an IP address that Simple DNS Plus is configured to listen on in the Options dialog / DNS / Inbound Requests section.
If you are configuring the computer which Simple DNS Plus is running on, you can use (the "localhost" address) - otherwise you must use an IP address which is accessible over the local area network.

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11 Nov 2018 06:56 UTC
After following said instructions, I noticed that this "D.I.Y." is setting up a new / local server, using LAN Connection and not wireless.
Is that the only way for this to work? If so, that's super lame; if not, how do I manage to set it up on my laptop ... which is never connected to ether.

thanks so very much in advance
JH Software
22 Nov 2018 21:31 UTC
JH Software
Above will work just as well with a wireless network adapter as with a wired.
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