Version maintenance / End of Life (EOL) policy

For reference, we use this software version number structure: <major>.<minor>.<build>

Simple DNS Plus versions

VersionReleasedEnd of SaleEnd of LifeMaintenance
5.0 17 Jan 2008 8 Jul 2008 17 Jan 2011 None
5.1 8 Jul 2008 23 Apr 2009 8 Jul 2011 None
5.2 23 Apr 2009 27 Oct 2015 27 Oct 2017 None
5.3 27 Oct 2015 20 Apr 2016 27 Oct 2018 None
6.0 20 Apr 2016 19 May 2018 19 May 2020 None
7.0 19 May 2018 2 Jul 2018 19 May 2021 None
8.0 2 Jul 2018 - - Full

Maintenance period

A version (<major>.<minor>) of Simple DNS Plus is maintained for (which ever comes last):

  • 3 years from the initial release date (general availability)
  • 2 years from the End of Sale date (new version is released)

Maintenance level

  • Full
    Only the most recent version (<major>.<minor>) receives full maintenance. That is we try to fix bugs as quickly as possible and make minor adjustments as needed.

  • Limited
    When a new version (<major>.<minor>) is released, the previous version enters a limited maintenance phase during which we issue bug-fixes for critical security issues, but otherwise consider bug-fixes / adjustments on a case by case basis. We may instead direct users to workarounds when possible.

Version numbers

As of November 2017 we increment version numbers as follows:

  • <major> is incremented when there is one or more new major features, a bunch of new minor features, or when we significantly restructure the software.
  • <minor> is incremented when there is one or a few new minor features, or when we make minor structural changes.
  • <build> is incremented for bug fixes / minor adjustments to existing features.
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