Basic DNS Server Configuration Example

From the main screen of Simple DNS Plus, click the "Records" button on the tool bar:

Records button

This opens the "DNS Records" dialog - from here click the "Quick..." button on the tool bar:

Quick button

Now enter your domain name, and the IP addresses of any servers you will be using. These are all optional, and can be added later if needed. If two or more of these servers are running on the same computer, you just enter the same IP address. Click "OK" to continue.

Quick Zone Wizard

Now all the basic DNS records have been created.
You can add more records using the "New" button, or edit the records' properties simply by double clicking on each record.

When you close the DNS Records window, the DNS server is configured and ready to serve its first visitor.


16 Jun 2018 13:39 UTC
Tony Toews
However this example shows the NS records as and Shouldn't this example show and
JH Software
30 Jun 2018 09:03 UTC
JH Software
If was your only domain then yes.
But very often people have multiple domain names, and the DNS servers would typically be named under your primary domain.
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