New Simple DNS Plus plug-in "Regex Ignore" released

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

With this plug-in, you can make Simple DNS Plus ignore all DNS requests for names that match a configurable regular expression.
This could be used, for example, when the server is being bombarded with requests with a specific pattern (as is often seen in DNS amplification attacks).
Another example is simple parental control - blocking domain names containing bad words.
Regular expressions are compiled when Simple DNS Plus loads the plug-in instance and are therefore evaluated very efficiently.
Keep in mind that the dot (.) character has special meaning in regular expressions (matches any character), so when matching multi-segment domains names, the domain name dots must be enclosed in square brackets [.].
For example to match exactly "", the regular expression would be "^something[.]example[.]com$" without the quotes.
The regular expression equivalent to the wildcard record name "*" is ".*[.]example[.]com$".
This plug-in is now available for download from:
Download the "RegexIgnorePlugIn.dll" file to the "PlugIns" directory under the directory where Simple DNS Plus is installed, re-start Simple DNS Plus, and then setup an instance of "Regex Ignore" from the Options dialog / Plug-ins section.
The source code (forks and contributions are most welcome) is available at:
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