Simple DNS Plus

Updated and open sourced "Raw Log" library and "Filter Raw Log" tool

We are removing the "SDNSFileLib" library and the "FilterRawLog" tool from the Simple DNS Plus installer, and instead making updated versions of these available for download and as open source.

"Raw Log" Library

The "SDNSFileLib" library has been renamed "Raw Log Library" because it now only deals with raw log files (we have removed methods for accessing Simple DNS Plus v. 5.x zone databases).
And we have simplified it a bit, and open sourced it on GitHub.

This .NET library (.dll) provides programmatic access (read-only) to raw log files (.sdraw). This can be used for extracting and filtering DNS request information for statistics and other purposes.

For more information, download and source code click here.

"Filter Raw Log" tool

The "Filter Raw Log" tool has been updated to work with the Simple DNS Plus v. 6.0 database (SQLite), and we have open sourced it on GitHub.

"Filter Raw Log" is a command line tool which parses a raw log file (.sdraw) from Simple DNS Plus (v. 5.0 and later), filters and summarizes the data, and writes the result to a text file as comma separated values (csv format). The data can be summarized either by zone, query name (qname), query type (qtype), request source IP address (fromip), or by hour.

For more information, download and source code click here.


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