Simple DNS Plus

HTTP Redirector plug-in now supports IPv6 and SSL - and is open source

The HTTP Redirector plug-in redirects HTTP requests for specified host names (and optionally sub-names).

This plug-in has been updated to also support IPv6 and SSL:

And the source code has been published at

For HTTP redirection to work with HTTPS / SSL, you need to bind an SSL certificate to the IP address / host name / port used. This is done the same way as with the HTTP API - as described at

The updated plug-in is now available for download at Shut down Simple DNS Plus, place the downloaded .dll file in the PlugIns folder (typically C:\Program Files\Simple DNS Plus\PlugIns), and start Simple DNS Plus again. This updated plug-in will also be included with Simple DNS Plus in v. 7.0 build 102 and later.


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