Simple DNS Plus v. 7.0 build 102 released

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Simple DNS Plus v. 7.0 build 102 is now available at

This release includes the following updates and bug fixes:

  • Added: Option to disable HTTP API v. 1 and host v. 2 at root.
  • Fixed: DNS requests for the name of an empty node (more than one level between names of two records) in a local zone resulted in an NXDOMAIN response (should be NODATA).
  • Fixed: EDNS0 details for outbound DNS responses were logged even when option for logging EDNS0 details was off.
  • Update: Updated included HTTP Redirector plug-in to support IPv6 and SSL (v. 5.2 build 11). Details.
  • Update: Updated included DHCP Server plug-in to prevent view columns collapsing to zero width and not be visible (v. 1.0 build 301)

This is NOT a critical update, and you only need to update if you are affected by the issue described above.

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