Simple DNS Plus

Simple DNS Plus v. 8.0 build 108 released (DNS Flag Day update)

Simple DNS Plus v. 8.0 build 108 is now available at

This lets users take part in DNS Flag Day optimizing DNS by removing some EDNS workarounds:

  • Updated: EDNS can now be disabled for outbound requests only. Option to enable/use EDNS has been moved from Options dialog / DNS / Miscellaneous section to Options dialog / DNS / Outbound DNS requests section.
    There is no reason to disable EDNS for incoming requests. If such requests are not blocked by a non-compliant firewall, responses likely won't be either. Disabling EDNS for incoming requests caused DNSSEC signed zones to fail validation (confusing some users), and the implementation had issues related to DNS flag day.
  • Updated: When resolving with EDNS enabled, outbound requests will not be re-tried/re-sent without EDNS in as many scenarios as earlier.
    This is done to increase performance and in honor of DNS flag day.
  • Removed: EDNS0 startup test (Options dialog / DNS / Miscellaneous section / "Test EDNS0 at startup...").
    This is done for simplification and in honor of DNS flag day (this feature allowed non-compliant firewalls to go undetected).

This is NOT a critical update. In fact, it is not even a necessary update, but we suggest that users install it by February 1st to participate in and help make DNS Flag Day a greater success :-)

Simple DNS Plus

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