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For individual Simple DNS Plus build releases - see our Release Notes page.

Plesk Panel adds support for Simple DNS Plus

Parallels has just released Plesk Panel v. 11.0.9 MU# 39 which adds support for Simple DNS Plus. For more information about setting up Plesk with Simple DNS Plus see . Parallels Plesk Panel is one of the most widely used hosting control panel solution. For details s...

New reports of DNS amplification / DDoS attacks

Over the past few days, a number of Simple DNS Plus users have reported that they are receiving a lot of incoming DNS requests for <root> and/or various unknown domain names - typically originating from a limited number of IP addresses. We have also noticed reports of this with other DNS servers ...

Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory "Bad DNS Packet" error

There is a bug in Windows Server 2008 R2 causing a "Bad DNS Packet" error when you try to setup (or promote) Active Directory using Simple DNS Plus and other non-MS DNS servers. The problem is described in MS KB 977158 - see The solution is to install ...

SPF checking HELO/EHLO host names

It has come to our attention that more e-mail servers are now performing SPF checks on the SMTP session HELO/EHLO greeting host name (in addition to checking the domain name part of the sender's e-mail address). Therefore always make sure that your e-mail server is configured to use a correct hos...

Simple DNS Plus logs in W3C Extended format

A new command line tool which converts Simple DNS Plus raw request log files (.sdraw files) into the standard W3C Extended log file format (as typically produced by IIS, Apache, and other web-servers) is now available. Note that DNS request (and the .sdraw log files) do not contain HTTP header in...

Secure zone transfers in Simple DNS Plus v. 5.2

The upcoming Simple DNS Plus v. 5.2 supports secure zone transfer (TSIG authenticated). Both zone transfer requests and responses are authenticated, so this provides protection in two ways; it prevents unauthorized transfers (only people / servers with the correct key can transfer), and it ensure...

Remote manage Simple DNS Plus

The upcoming Simple DNS Plus v. 5.2 supports remote management, so that you can use the normal Simple DNS Plus user interface on a remote computer. This is much faster and uses much less bandwidth compared to accessing a remote server via Remote Desktop, VNC, or similar. Traffic between the serve...

DNSSEC signed .gov

Today the .gov top level domain (U.S. government) was DNSSEC signed. As per "OMB Memo 08-23", all U.S. government agencies must DNSSEC sign their DNS zones (ending with .gov) before the end of 2009. Federal agencies using Simple DNS Plus will be able to DNSSEC sign their zones in the upcoming Sim...

Option in Simple DNS Plus to ignore root requests

Because of continued reports about DNS amplification / DDoS attacks (DNS requests for NS-records for <root> from spoofed IP addresses), we have added a new option in Simple DNS Plus to make it easy to deal with these requests and keep them out of the log. In the Simple DNS Plus Options dialog / D...

DNSSEC in Simple DNS Plus v. 5.2

The upcoming Simple DNS Plus v. 5.2 supports hosting DNSSEC signed zones and has built-in functions for managing DNSSEC keys and for signing zones - all in a user friendly GUI of course. What is DNSSEC? Similar to digital signatures for e-mails, DNSSEC authenticates that a set of DNS records orig...

Simple DNS Plus

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