Simple DNS Plus

Simple DNS Plus v. 9.1 released

Simple DNS Plus version 9.1 is here!

A new JavaScript plug-in lets you write your own custom logic for DNS query processing in JavaScript. Your script code runs efficiently via Google's V8 JavaScript engine (the same that powers Chrome and Node.js).

V. 9.1 has a new plug-in interface updated to use the asynchronous programming model (async/await), improving performance by allowing simple plug-ins to execute directly in the main thread, while making it easier to take advantage of asynchronous operations with I/O bound plug-ins.

See the details and full list of updates in v. 9.1 at

Version 9.1 is now available for download at

IMPORTANT: For licensed users of earlier versions of Simple DNS Plus, v. 9.1 may or may not be a free upgrade depending on when you purchased / upgraded to your current license. If you purchased or upgraded to your license on or after October 28th 2020, then the upgrade to v. 9.1 is free (one year free upgrade protection), and you can use your existing license key to activate v. 9.1. Otherwise, you will need to purchase an upgrade - see

If you are not sure when you purchased / upgraded to your current license, you can check your license status at

We hope you like the new features in Simple DNS Plus v. 9.1, and as always, we look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions for further development.

Simple DNS Plus

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