Simple DNS Plus

V. 8.0 Release Notes

This is a detailed list of updates and changes in individual Simple DNS Plus v. 8.0 builds.
For an overview of the major new features in v. 8.0 click here.

See also release notes for: version 9.0, version 9.1

Version 8.0 builds

Version 8.0 build 110

  • Fixed Crash with "Unrecognized database version" error when trying to import zones from a backup Simple DNS Plus database file.
  • Fixed Crash when using the function to import zones from a Simple DNS Plus database file - which is not such a file.

Version 8.0 build 109

  • Fixed Zone updates (HTTP API and other methods) caused threading issue / crash in certain situations.
  • Improved New v. 5.2.31 of DynDNS Service plug-in included - which supports https://... (SSL) update URLs .

Version 8.0 build 108

  • Improved EDNS can now be disabled for outbound requests only. Option to enable/use EDNS has been moved from Options dialog / DNS / Miscellaneous section to Options dialog / DNS / Outbound DNS requests section.
    There is no reason to disable EDNS for incoming requests. If such requests are not blocked by a non-compliant firewall, responses likely won't be either. Disabling EDNS for incoming requests caused DNSSEC signed zones to fail validation (confusing some users), and the implementation had issues related to DNS flag day.
  • Improved When resolving with EDNS enabled, outbound requests will not be re-tried/re-sent without EDNS in as many scenarios as earlier.
    This is done to increase performance and in honor of DNS flag day.
  • Improved Removed EDNS0 startup test (Options dialog / DNS / Miscellaneous section / "Test EDNS0 at startup...").
    This is done for simplification and in honor of DNS flag day (this feature allowed non-compliant firewalls to go undetected).

Version 8.0 build 107

  • Fixed Bulk Update Wizard / "Update zone DNS servers" function deleted all zone records other than NS/SOA (recoverable from zone versions).

Version 8.0 build 106

Version 8.0 build 105

  • Fixed Adjusting computer clock (manually or automatically) while Simple DNS Plus is running might cause various issues / crashes.
  • Fixed Retrieving/updating/deleting a DNSSEC key through HTTP API for a non-existing zone caused program crash.
  • Fixed Retrieving/updating/deleting a DNSSEC key through HTTP API failed if key ID contained one or more upper case characters - including automatically generated ZSKs ("Auto###").
  • Fixed Program crash when receiving DNSSEC enabled DNS request for data in a DNSSEC signed zone with certain characteristics.
  • Fixed Resolving certain domains names under certain conditions and certain settings caused a large number of duplicate outbound requests to be sent.

Version 8.0 build 104

  • Fixed Program crash or no response when HTTP API received bad data for PATCH /zones/{zonename}/records
  • Fixed Program crash if client terminates HTTP API connection before response is sent.
  • Fixed Reverse zones (with standard reverse zone names) not always recognized as such, causing host-records dialog "update reverse..." checkbox function to not work.

Version 8.0 build 103

  • Fixed Program crash when receiving ANY request for a name covered by a wildcard record in an NSEC3 DNSSEC signed zone.

Version 8.0 build 102

  • Improved When DNSSEC signing a zone, the signature inception time stamp in RRSIG-records is now set to one hour in the past (was actual time) to avoid potential problems with computer clocks not being synchronized.
  • Improved Now authenticates TSIG signed requests for SOA-records with the zone transfer TSIG keys (global and per zone) in order to support some secondary BIND servers.
  • Fixed When responding to TSIG signed requests for anything but zone transfers and dynamic updates, Simple DNS Plus used to ignore the TSIG signature and respond like it wasn't there. It now sends a NOTAUTH / BADKEY error response instead.
  • Fixed Extended / Shadow forwarding not always working

Version 8.0 build 101

  • Fixed Incorrect calculation of Key Tag value for DNSSEC ZSKs.
  • Added Calculates and displays Key Tag value for DNSKEY records in DNS Look Up tool

Version 8.0 build 100

  • First release of version 8.0 Details.

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