V. 9.0 Release Notes

This is a detailed list of updates and changes in individual Simple DNS Plus v. 9.0 builds.
For an overview of the major new features in v. 9.0 click here.

See also release notes for: version 8.0

Version 9.0 builds

Build 107 - October 14th 2021

  • Fixed: Plug-ins may not be able to start / re-start.

Build 106 - October 12th 2021

  • Fixed: Invalid data in DNS update request could cause program crash.
  • Fixed: Plug-in threading issue could cause program crash.
  • Fixed: Missing SSL/TLS certificate for DoT (DNS over TLS) from certificate store caused program crash at startup.
  • Updated: Added Options to support file, and added plug-in configuration to support file and error reports.

Build 103 - October 6th 2021

  • Fixed: Occasional crash when logging enabled (threading issue).
  • Fixed: Newer DNS record-types not listed as options in plug-in instance dialog / DNS requests rules.

Build 102 - September 30th 2021

  • Fixed: Crashed when receiving HTTP API request without "accept-encoding" header.
  • Fixed: The "SSL/TLS Certificate" dropdown in the "Listen for inbound DNS requests" dialog ("DoT" protocol selected) and in the "Bind SSL certificate" dialog, did not list certificates with no "friendly name".
  • Fixed: The installer did not include an option to not install the Core Service (used with Remote management installations).
  • Updated: Included named.root file updated to latest version (2021092301).

Build 101 - September 28th 2021

  • First release of version 9.0 Details.