V. 9.1 Release Notes

This is a detailed list of updates and changes in individual Simple DNS Plus v. 9.1 builds.
For an overview of the major new features in v. 9.1 click here.

See also release notes for: version 8.0, version 9.0

Version 9.1 builds

Build 108 - December 1st 2021

  • Fixed: Server executable (sdnsmain.exe) might not fully terminate after service shutdown / GUI shutdown request, causing problems with restarts.
  • Fixed: If configured to listen for DNS requests on "any local IP address", it might send responses from a different IP address than the incoming request was sent to - causing various issues.
  • Fixed: Import standard zone file function resulted in "Could not load zone file" error message for good zone files.
  • Fixed: Microsoft DNS servers not able to zone transfer, or request records via TCP from Simple DNS Plus.

Build 107 - November 27th 2021

  • Fixed: TCP "probe connections" prompted memory leak.
  • Fixed: Threading issue caused occasional crash with "Collection was modified after the enumerator was instantiated" error message.
  • Fixed: DynDNS Service plug-in - offline user caused NullReferenceException on DNS query.
  • Updated: Database update thread optimized.

Build 106 - November 8th 2021

  • Fixed: Occasionally sent corrupted DNS responses over TCP when many simultaneous connections.

Build 105 - November 6th 2021

  • Fixed: Zone transfers failed for large zones
  • Fixed: Super Master/Slave synchronization failed with many zones.

Build 104 - November 5th 2021

  • Fixed: Problem with NAPTR-records caused various issues.

Build 103 - November 4th 2021

  • Fixed: Crash on outbound TCP resolver connection.

Build 102 - November 4th 2021

  • Updated: When using random ports for outbound requests (default), received ICMP error messages on UDP resolver sockets (socket errors 10052/10054) are now processed as DNS error responses, preventing additional request resends. This reduces network traffic and improves resolver response time.
  • Updated: Socket errors 10052/10054 on UDP sockets are now logged as ICMP messages (including origin IP address), and are no longer classified as errors (meaning that they no longer show up in the log, if you only log errors and warnings).
  • Fixed: Empty "Automatic SPF" section in Options dialog (removed)

Build 101 - October 30th 2021

  • Fixed: Threading issue related to inbound TCP connections occasionally caused program crash.

Build 100 - October 28th 2021

  • First release of version 9.1 Details.