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Definition - Domains vs. Zones

Domains are broken into zones for which individual DNS servers are responsible.

A "domain" represents the entire set of names / machines that are contained under an organizational domain name.

For example, all domain names ending with ".com" are part of the "com" domain.

A "zone" is a domain less any sub-domains delegated to other DNS servers (see NS-records).

A DNS server could be responsible (authoritative) for all records under the "" domain, but by defining NS-records for "", this part of the domain is delegated to other DNS servers - and possibly a different company/entity.

A zone contains exactly one SOA-record describing the general properties of the zone, and any number of other DNS records.

Entire zones can transferred from a primary DNS server to secondary DNS servers through Zone Transfers.

To create a new zone use the New Zone function by clicking the "New" button in the DNS Records window.

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