Simple DNS Plus
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Main window

The main window consists of a Menu, a Toolbar, a Status Bar, and different optional Views.

  • File Menu

    • Pause / Start server
      Used to pause and re-start serving DNS requests.

    • Edit DNS Records
      Opens the DNS Records window.

    • Clear DNS Cache
      Unloads all cached records.
      Use if you suspect that invalid cached data is causing problem.
      Can also be useful, for example, if you want to see how a domain name is resolved from the root up.

    • Connect to Remote...
      Starts a new instance of the Simple DNS Plus user interface for an instance running on a remote computer.
      NOTE: Remote Management must be enabled in the Options dialog / Remote Management section on the remote Simple DNS Plus instance.

    • Shutdown Simple DNS Plus
      Shuts down the Simple DNS Plus service and user interface.

  • View Menu

    • Toolbar
      Toggles the Toolbar on / off.

    • Status Bar
      Toggles the Status Bar on / off.

    • Pause Active Log
      Pauses the log display in the Active Log View.

    • Performance Graph
      Shows the Performance Graph View.

    • Active Log
      Shows the Active Log View.

    • [Plug-In Views]
      Different plug-ins such as the DHCP Server plug-in have their own View

  • Tools Menu

  • Window Menu

    • New Horizontal / Vertical Tab Group
      Splits the display into two tab groups. Only available when other Views are grouped with the selected View.

    • Tile Horizontally / Vertically
      Quickly organize the currently open Views.

    • Reset Window Layout
      Move all open Views into a single tab group.

  • Help Menu

    • Contents & Index
      Opens this help file

    • Online Support
      Opens the Simple DNS Plus support web page in your default browser.

    • Check for Updates
      Checks if you are running the most recent version of Simple DNS Plus.

    • Activate Product
      Select this function when you have purchased a Simple DNS Plus license (at to enter your license key. This will remove the evaluation time restriction.

    • Support File
      Generates a file containing various information about your system and the state of Simple DNS Plus which can be helpful for trouble shooting by JH Software support staff.

    • About Simple DNS Plus
      Displays the Simple DNS Plus version number and license status.


Status Bar

The Status Bar consists of three sections:

  • Status
    Show current server status - and if running, the total up-time.

  • Requests
    Total number of DNS requests received.

  • Cache
    Number of DNS records currently in the cache.

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