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Raw log file format

Simple DNS Plus raw log files (.sdraw) contain an entry for each received DNS request as follows:

Bytes Description
3 Number of seconds since midnight *
2 DNS request packet bytes 3 and 4 (header flags)
2 Query type *
2 Query class *
1 Length of query name less 1
variable Query domain name (DNS packet format)
1 Length of request source IP address (IPv4=4, IPv6=16)
variable Request source IP address

* bytes represent integer value in network byte order (most significant byte first / big-endian).

A command line tool "Filter Raw Log" is available to extract and filter raw log data - more information.

And a .NET programming library "Raw Log Library" is available for accessing raw log data programmatically - more information.

Raw request logging is enabled in the Options dialog / Logging / Log Files section.

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