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Options dialog - DNS - Lame Requests

  • When receiving lame DNS requests
    Select one of the following options to specify how/if Simple DNS Plus should respond to lame DNS requests:

    • Respond with a "Refused" error message (default)
      Using this option, you inform the server/client sending the request that you will not perform any recursion for them or provide any data for the requested domain name.

    • Do not respond (stealth DNS)
      Using this option, simple port scanning will not reveal that you are running a DNS server. This may make you a less interesting target for hackers.

    • Respond with a referral to Internet root DNS servers
      This option is available only because some DNS test tools, including some used by major domain name registrars, expect to see a root referral in response to requests for dummy/random domain names.
      Unless needed for such tests, we do we do not recommend using this option because it might be abused for DNS amplification attacks.

    • Respond with synthesized DNS records
      Using this option, you can redirect the client to a sign up page, or to a page informing the client that he is using a wrong DNS server.


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