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New DNSSEC Key dialog

This dialog is used to create a new DNSSEC key.

  • Key ID
    A unique identifier for this key.
    Only used to identify each key set for management purposes. Not part of actual keys/signatures.
    Can be any value you want.

  • Key type
    For details on the 3 key types, see DNSSEC definition

  • Algorithm
    Specify the algorithm to use for calculating signatures.

  • Key size (bits)
    Specify the key strength.

  • Tag
    An integer value calculated from the corresponding DNSKEY record data (public key and other settings).
    This is used to quickly identify signature records (RRSIG) which were generated using this key.

  • Created
    The date/time when this key was created.

  • DNSKEY only / Do not sign any record sets (key pre-publish / phase-out)
    Check this if you don't want any record sets signed by this key (but still want to include the DNSKEY record).
    This is typically used in "key pre-publish" or "key phase-out" scenarios.

  • Delete
    Schedule the key for deletion.

    The key will be deleted automatically only if:

    1. This is an on-line key.
    2. The remaining on-line keys for the zone include at least one KSK/Simple key not marked "DNSKEY only" (needed to re-sign the updated DNSKEY records after deleting this key).
    3. The key is marked "DNSKEY only" - or - at least one other key of the same type remains after deleting.

    Note this setting can be set automatically for ZSKs when zone is configured to automatically generate/remove ZSKs at an interval in the DNSSEC tab in the Zone Properties dialog).

  • Notes (internal use only)
    Use to store any comments about the key.


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