MX-Records (Mail exchange)

MX-records are used to specify the e-mail server(s) responsible for a domain name.

Each MX-record points to the name of an e-mail server and holds a preference number for that server.

If a domain name is handled by multiple e-mail servers (for backup/redundancy), a separate MX-record is used for each e-mail server, and the preference numbers then determine in which order (lower numbers first) these servers should be used by other e-mail servers.

If a domain name is handled by a single e-mail server, only one MX-record is needed and the preference number does not matter.

When sending an e-mail to "", your e-mail server must first look up any MX-records for "" to see which e-mail servers handles incoming e-mail for "".

This could be "" or someone else's mail server like "".

After this it looks up the A-record for that e-mail server name to connect to its IP-address.

Do not point an MX-record to a CNAME-record. Many e-mail servers don't understand this. Add another A-record instead.

To create a new MX-record, right-click a zone in the left list in the DNS Records window, and select "New MX-record" from the pop-up menu.

This record type is defined in RFC1035.