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DNS Forwarding dialog

  • Forward DNS requests for
    Specify which domain names to forward DNS requests for.
    Forwarding for only a specific domain name (and sub-names) is also know as "conditional forwarding".

  • To DNS servers
    Specify the IP addresses of the DNS servers to forward these DNS requests to.

  • Enable Extended Forwarding
    Also forward non-recursive DNS requests and DNS requests originating from IP addresses that are not offered recursion.
    (Standard DNS forwarding only forwards recursive DNS requests from IP addresses offered recursion)

  • Enable Shadow Forwarding
    Also forward DNS requests for the name or sub-name of a local DNS zone when no matching DNS records exist in that zone.
    (Standard DNS forwarding only forwards request which are not for the name or sub-name of a local DNS zone)
    In the "Authoritative Answer (AA) flag" dropdown, specify if the AA-flag in the response should be set or cleared.

See also: Forwarding

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