How to use the HTTP API

Simple DNS Plus includes a HTTP API through which you can perform most of the operations that are available through the GUI.

The HTTP API is REST based and data is generally exchanged in JSON format.

This HTTP API is not intended as a direct user interface, but rather a way to communicate with Simple DNS Plus from other applications over the network. For example ASP pages running on IIS, PHP pages on Apache, javascript running on a browser, etc.

By default, Simple DNS Plus listens for HTTP requests on IP address port 8053. With this default configuration, you can open the HTTP API "home page" in your browser using There you will find a link to the HTTP API specification file (Swagger / OpenAPI format) that you can use to explore and test the HTTP API.

You can change these setting in the Options dialog / HTTP API section.

CORS support

If you want to access the HTTP API with javascript running on a web-page, you need to enable and configure CORS. You do this in the Options dialog / HTTP API section.


The HTTP API can be served securely via SSL (https://...).

The easiest way to setup an SSL certificate for this, is if you are also running an SSL based web-site on IIS on the same computer as Simple DNS Plus, and you configure the HTTP API to be served under the same host name as that site (but under a sub-path). This way you can just manage the SSL certificate in IIS.
If you are not doing this or if you want to use a different SSL/TLS certificate for the HTTP API, you will need to "bind" an SSL/TLS certificate to the host name (and port) used. There is a "Bind SSL certificate" button in the Options dialog / HTTP API section to do this.

Debugging log files

To see the exact details of HTTP API client requests, you can enable this in the Options dialog / Logging / Log files section / "Write HTTP API debugging log files (one file per HTTP request)".

WARNING: This can quickly add up to a lot of log files and data. Make sure to only enable this when needed.

7 Apr 2018 15:54 UTC
Rudy Affandi
Is is possible to add/enable JSON output as one of the available output options?
JH Software
10 Apr 2018 09:03 UTC
JH Software
We are working on this for the upcoming v. 7.0 release. This will be available soon.
JH Software
19 May 2018 11:30 UTC
JH Software
We have just released v. 7.0 which supports this. See
25 Apr 2018 11:16 UTC
Dominic Gingras
Where is the best place to view API request log?
JH Software
19 May 2018 11:28 UTC
JH Software
In the new Simple DNS Plus v. 7.0, you can enable detailed logging for the HTTP API in the Options dialog / Loggin / Log files section.
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