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DNS Cache Snapshot window

The DNS Cache Snapshot window displays the currently cached records in an explorer style window.

Domain names displayed in the left list are organized in the DNS tree structure from the root up - or backwards compared to a full domain name.

To locate "" in the tree, first open "<root>", then "com", then "example" and finally "www".

The right list shows any DNS records for the selected domain name.

The following functions are available in the DNS Cache Snapshot window menu:

  • File menu

    • Find
      Quickly locate a domain name in the list.

    • Exit
      Closes the DNS Cache Snapshot window.

  • View menu

    • IDN Native Characters
      Enables/disables display of native characters for IDNs.

    • Negative (Non-existing records)
      Enables/disables display of negative DNS records.

    • Status Bar
      Shows/hides the status bar.

  • Help menu

    • Content & Index
      Opens this help file

    • On-line help
      Opens the support web-page in your Internet browser.

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