Record Properties dialog

The Record Properties dialog is used to specify a DNS record's name, data, TTL, and comments.

The record name must be the same as or end with the name of the zone it belongs to (automatically enforced), and can only be entered when creating a new record.
To specify a wildcard record, enter an asterisk (*) followed by a period (.) and the rest of the name.
The asterisk can only be used as the first character, and only when immediately followed by a period.

The record data depends on the record type - see the individual record types for more information.

The "Record TTL (Time To Live)" field specifies how long other DNS server and clients are allowed to cache this record.

The "Record comments" field can be use to keep any additional information about the record such as what the record does, or a client account number.
For records created or updated via dynamic updates or HTTP, Simple DNS Plus will automatically enter a comment about how and when the record was created.
NOTE: This field is not transferred to secondary DNS servers through zone transfers.

For A-Records and AAAA-records there is a special "Update Reverse Zone" option. This will create or update a PTR-record in a reverse zone to enable reverse lookups on the IP address.

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