RRSIG-Records (RRset Signature)

An RRSIG-record holds a DNSSEC signature for a record set (one or more DNS records with the same name and type).

Resolvers can verify the signature with a public key stored in a DNSKEY-record.

RRSIG-records have the following data elements:

  • Type Covered: DNS record type that this signature covers.

  • Algorithm: Cryptographic algorithm used to create the signature.

  • Labels: Number of labels in the original RRSIG-record name (used to validate wildcards).

  • Original TTL: TTL value of the covered record set.

  • Signature Expiration: When the signature expires.

  • Signature Inception: When the signature was created.

  • Key Tag: A short numeric value which can help quickly identify the DNSKEY-record which can be used to validate this signature.

  • Signer's Name: Name of the DNSKEY-record which can be used to validate this signature.

  • Signature: Cryptographic signature.

To add RRSIG-records to a zone, use the DNSSEC Sign Zone function.

This record type is defined in RFC4034.

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