Options dialog - Logging - Log Details

  • Log individual requests, responses, and other events
    Select this option to log DNS requests and other events.

    • Include DNS record details
      When checked, DNS request activity will be logged at the record level.

    • Include EDNS0 details (UDP payload size)
      When checked, the EDNS0 details of DNS requests and responses will be logged.

    • Include outbound DNS requests
      When checked, outbound DNS requests (to resolve DNS) and associated responses are logged.

    • Include requests from blocked IP addresses
      When checked, DNS requests from blocked IP addresses will be logged.

  • Only log Errors and Warnings
    Select this options to only log events for potential problems.

  • Log internationalized domain names (IDNs) in native characters
    When checked, all IDNs will be logged in native characters (log files are UTF8 encoded).

See also: How to read the log

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